We are a small group of budoka with many years of experience in different arts, devoted to study and train Ono-Ha Ittō Ryū.

Oficial teaching of Ono-Ha Ittō Ryū is only provided by Sōke, in the Reigakudō (Sōke’s Dojo) inTōkyō, or in one of the seminars abroad.

However, given the distance, Sōke allows a few Keiko-jō (Practice Places) where  training are coordinated by more experienced practitioners recognized by the Sōke

We were able to join the German group of Keiko-jō coordinated by André Otome, who trained several years in the Reigakudō. Through this group interested people can be introduced in Ono-Ha Ittō Ryū and can be presented afterwards to Sōke either in Japan, or at international seminars.

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